jennifer-leakeFor a long time I have struggled with piles of paper in my office, wasting countless hours searching and seeing things fall through the cracks of my disorganization. I needed a system that was simple, easy to maintain and made sense for my work style.  Kathy Meckley accomplished in one month what I had been unable to do in 20 years. She took time to understand my current situation, taught me to set up a color coded filing system and coached me through the implementation. I now have a system that is easy to maintain, peace of mind and an office I am not embarrassed to have others see.  Thank you Kathy for bringing order to my chaos!
Jennifer Leake
Assessment Pros LLC

I worked with Kathy to stage our home for sale. She did a marvelous job. It was a lot of work, but she really changed the appearance of our home. I would highly recommend her for staging a home or just helping in downsizing and getting rid of clutter.
Darlene Ghosh Huddleston, VA

pete-robertsA short time ago I had asked you to look at a home on Kemp Ford Rd.   This home had been on the market for close to two years.   All involved were confused and disappointed.   The price had dropped over that period of time.    We called you in to give us some ideas.    The ideas you recommended were reasonable and while they did cost some to implement – the cost was not extreme.    The owners were ready to do almost anything.  After implementing almost all of your ideas – the first realtor and client to come in bought the home.    As you know, I have just asked you to stage another home – I look forward to the owners implementation and the results that will follow.
Thank you again for your professional ideas and approach to helping my seller.
Pete, Realtor Berkshire Hathaway

debbie-sheltonI am amazed at what Kathy has done to my listing.  What a great job.  It shows beautifully. Debbie Shelton, Realtor Berkshire Hathaway



Kathy has an excellent eye for detail when it comes to staging a home.
Joan Griffith, Realtor Keller Williams

Kathy was a true professional. She didn’t waste time and kept me focused on setting priorities etc. We had a quick “interview” in the beginning and a survey of the house. I didn’t realize that Kathy was gathering info all the time about my level of organization etc to help me with my needs. What I liked best was using what I have already and not urging me to buy stuff I might not need. Kathy was here for at least 2 hours for the 1st visit. After measuring furniture, walls, socket placements etc. she drew a plan which I had in my hands with 24 hours. We went over the plan and I have a focus now that I didn’t have before and I’m moving along with the organization and furniture arrangement that had me overwhelmed before Kathy. Her pricing is reasonable and there are a number of options from which to choose. Also, Kathy is good at followup to see how progress is going.
Shirley S. Moneta, VA

I can’t thank you enough for all you did today. You made an insurmountable task surmountable. I have been so overwhelmed for so long and you were there to assist me.  God bless you and your family.
Sharon T. Lynchburg, VA

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to use Kathy’s services to help me with a living/dining redesign. I was pleasantly surprised with my results! She took the time understanding my style and listening to my ideas. She transformed my space into a cozy, attractive living area. I love it! I can’t wait to have friends over to enjoy it with me! I would definitely recommend Kathy to others.
Jill W Lynchburg, VA

To start off, I am a freshman in college. Also, like many of my studious peers, am not the most organized of sorts.  However, when my parents surprised me with an appointment with Kathy as a Holiday gift, I knew it was time to face the grim (and dusty) reality of my living space — it was a wreck. I needed help…and Kathy was just the woman to give it to me!  She transformed my room from the dull, dirty disaster it was into a beautiful and organized living space! Not only is the room easy on the eye now (my friends joke that my room resembles a nice bed and breakfast more than a dorm room) but it is also a cinch to clean now.  So thank you Kathy! You were always on time with the materials needed and took me through step by step so I would understand where everything was and how I could manage the room with optimum efficiency.

William H Lynchburg, VA

Two years ago, Smith Mountain Lake Community Church of the Brethren, the church I attend, had a basement storage room [problem]. The room was a good size with shelves and was used for storage by many people.  The problem that existed was stuff was randomly placed or just plain dumped leaving chaos. No one wanted to tackle straightening out the mess.   Therefore, we were fortunate to engage Kathy Meckley asking her to do whatever was necessary to restore order.  Her approach to the situation was organized and professional.  She consulted all parties using the space and mapped out a plan.  Then, in a very short time, she cleaned the room, labeled shelves and placed things on shelves in their newly designated place.  I was impressed with how quickly she worked and achieved organized order in that room.  In fact, I escorted many members of our congregation to the basement just to view the “new” storage room. Now, two years later, the room at times is a dumping area but because of the labeling Kathy Meckley did; it is relatively easy to restore order.  I highly recommend Kathy Meckley for any area of a person’s life that needs organizing and order restored because she has the skill to accomplish the job.

Peggy Byrd
Board Chair SMLCCOB Wirtz, VA