Tips on Paper Management

40.JPGThe start of a new year enhances our desire to Get Organized.  This month is an excellent time to begin healthy, organizational habits to maintain your desk and allow you maximum productivity.  Here’s four simple tips to get you started.

Tip One: Clear the clutter from your desk.  This could be a simple project or could take hours depending on how long you have neglected your workspace.  You need to remove unnecessary items from the desktop to minimize distractions.  The cleaner the desk; the clearer the mind.  Place special and favorite objects near your workspace but not on it.  Take advantage of shelving and bulletin boards for vertical space.

Tip Two: Open and sort incoming mail daily.  You have three options: file, act or toss.  If it is important enough to keep, file it immediately.  If you need to act, post a deadline on it and place it in the action folder.  Check this folder regularly. If the mail is of no importance, toss it.  Go to to register and stop unwanted mail. Unfortunately, this does not stop mail addressed to Resident or Occupant. Create a specific storage place to keep all incoming tax-related documents.

Tip Three: Create file folders for current year’s documents. First thing is to clean out all of last year’s paperwork so you are ready to file current documents.  Old papers can be archived, put in the storage place with other tax-related documents or tossed if no longer relevant, again using the File-Act-Toss method. Color-code your labels to distinguish between financial, clients, resource, etc.  Each business and home will have your own personalized file labels to fit your needs.

Tip Four: KEEP DESK CLEAR! Can you hear me now? At the end of the day, remove all papers and folders. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Conversely, a cleared desk is a cleared mind. You will not be stressed or distracted when you sit down at a clean desktop every morning. Instead, you will be able to get right to your “must do” list and increase your productivity. Designate time each week to remove unnecessary papers from your environment.  They can be archived, recycled, shredded or tossed.

I wish you well this new year.  If you need more help, contact me. I am only a phone call away.  540-420-2533

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