1st Annual March Toward Simplicity Challenge

2016-03-03 12.45.35As marketing director for Faithful Organizers, I appeared on the Daytime Blue Ridge TV program. I was promoting our 1st annual March Toward Simplicity challenge.  Lindee Katdare, the host and producer of the program was excited to learn about the challenge and Faithful Organizers.

The way the challenge works is, each day the March Toward Simplicity challenge assigns a task to complete in about 1/2 hour.  They range from time management to productivity to de-cluttering to paper management.  Our goal for the challenge is to encourage those who desire to be organized to develop a daily good habit of doing something to achieve that goal.   They will see that by taking the time to do a quick task, they will see their progress by the end of month.  Hopefully, that will motivate folks to continue addressing areas of clutter and disorganization in their life.

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