Seasonal Changes

2015-06-05 13.33.14Crisp fall air makes for pleasant outdoor chores. Seasonal changes are an excellent time to schedule organizing tasks. De-cluttering sheds, garages, storage units, even attics are much more tolerable to do on cool, sunny days. Dispose of chemicals and hazardous products carefully. Check with your local recycling center to see what they accept. Sometimes special dates are schedule for such items. You can also sort thru your seasonal decorations to see what is past its prime. Trade out your seasonal door wreaths, flags or banners.

Are your boxes, bins and bags labeled with the contents so you know what you have? I see this frequently when helping people sort through colored bins and cardboard boxes. They haven’t a clue what is in the container. If you are storing keepsakes, write down everything you know about the object so that the importance of each item is not lost. Others can then appreciate the significance of the item. Was it handmade? Has it been passed down through several generations? Does it have a story? Inquiring minds want to know but if you are not there to tell them, it is lost. Take a photo of the item and place it with the story. Does the item need to be insured? Are there heirlooms to pass along to the next generation? Perhaps this year you can re-gift the precious items to loved ones.

Make the process a family project. Get the household involved. You’ll be teaching them organizing skills, building relationships and passing along your family history.



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