Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind

2015-08-14 17.21.15Are you happy with your environment? Are there things in your space that you would like to change? No change can take place in your life until your thoughts begin to change. Let me give an example.

I am currently working with a client who rents a home and has a young child. Every room in the place is overflowing with her stuff. She has lived in the unit for several years and naturally doesn’t consider it her own. Because of this thinking, she didn’t really care what the place looked like and how the family lived.

When I met with her for a consultation, she had come to the decision that she no longer wishes to live in that environment anymore. She wanted to create a more stable home for her son. Her desire was to teach her son to respect and take care of his things. She knew she had to step up and be the role model. We identified several behaviors that needed to change in order to reach her goals. This required a change in how she thinks.

My client was highly motivated when it came to organizing each room. We developed a plan. Each time we met, we reviewed her progress on her behavior patterns. Her place is small and there is limited storage. In order to bring anything new, something will have to go. This will take discipline. She will need to think through every purchase. Do I really need this? Where will it be stored? How often will I use it? Is this a luxury item or an essential? But it doesn’t stop there.  Once my work is done, my client will need to maintain the systems that we put in place. These systems fit her lifestyle and with motivation, accountability and perseverance, she can succeed.

Her goal is simple – a place for everything and everything in its place. Her new life is well within reach now. It all began with a change in her thinking.

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