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Treasured Possessions

A great deal of attention has been given to organizing in recent weeks.  Time magazine published a six page article entitled “The Joy of Less” on March 23rd.  The Washington Post also had a spread about how Millennia’s are not following in their parents footsteps with acquiring possessions.

The Washington Post reports that Millennia’s aren’t interest in their parents memorabilia, furniture or even their own sports trophies.  Auction houses and consignment stores are being inundated with furniture now that baby boomers are downsizing. Millennia’s are more interested in a simpler lifestyle and would rather spend their money on travel and entertainment.

The Time magazine article stated several facts that show how our society is over-indulgent.  One such fact is, “Children in the U.S. make up 3.1% of the world’s kid population, but U.S. families buy more than 40% of the toys purchased globally.” Another stat is, “household moves outside the U.S. weigh from 2,500 to 7,500 lb.  The average weight of a move in the U.S. is 8,000 lb., the weight of a fully grown hippo.” 75% of households with a garage can not park their cars inside, according to a decade long study conducted by a UCLA team led by Elinor Ochs.

Millennia’s are living in smaller places.  They prefer urban, mixed-use residences as opposed to the palatial, suburban home of their parents. That can lead to another problem, storage space.  In 2013, the self storage industry revenue was $24 Billion – that is with a B.

Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,  urges her readers to keep only the things that bring them joy while redistributing the rest. In her book, Organizing His Way, Eileen Koff writes two chapters entitled Where Your Treasure is, There Your Heart Will Also Be and An Idol Called Clutter.

If you are a baby boomer, you may want to consider minimizing your purchases which are only a click of the button away.  You also may want to stop adding to collections that you love dearly but your offspring do not.  Downsizing doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process.




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