Renovare a new beginning

ClutterDoes your house need a new beginning, a renewal?  Renovare means to renew in Latin. Professional organizers around the world are promoting the month of January as Get Organized month. Getting more organized ranks fourth in top ten lists of resolutions.

We all can afford to shed a few extra pounds in our homes, especially after the holidays.  Everyone gets new clothes, toys, games, and special gifts. Where do you stuff it all?  Your house is ready for a new beginning.  Analyze what area bothers you the most.  Make it a priority to renew and refresh that space.  Before you begin, be sure to have a plan in place.  Have people who also use that space know your intentions and have them join you in the effort.  Without that plan and support, you will get discouraged early on and the project won’t be completed.

Don’t rush to the store and purchase all kinds of organizing paraphernalia before you begin. You need to know what you are going to keep to know what you need to store and how you are going to store it.  The supplies you will need are boxes, bins, labels, markers, possibly a shredder and two different colors of extra large trash bags.  Use one colorfor the keep items and the other to be redistributed.

I recommend you tackle your biggest project first.  After that, the smaller projects will be a piece of cake (kinda sorta).  At least, you will be more motivated to complete them.  The hardest thing to overcome is ourselves.  We make excuses as to why we can’t or don’t get started.  That is the procrastinator coming out in us.  That is why a plan is so important!  Minimize distractions so you can focus.  Take a few breaks but keep them short so you can stay focused.  Stay nourished and hydrated.  The work is demanding both physically and mentally.

If you are stuck, you can always call me.  I offer a variety of services and packages to fit most budgets.  I don’t judge, offer encouragement and follow the code of ethics established by Faithful Organizers.  Get  renewed. Get organized!

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