Guiding kids to be Organized

Point you kids in the right direction – when they’re old they won’t get lost.  (The Message Pro. 22:6)

playroomMany times, parents will make the argument that our kids are too busy to keep their room clean and care for their possessions and clothes.  Who is allowing the child to be too busy?  Or are you, the parent too busy to keep track of how your children are spending their time?

I have walked into rooms where every garment and every toy was tossed on every surface in the room. How did such chaos develop?  In talking with parents, I learned that some didn’t really care. Others expected their kids to know what to do, how to fold clothes and arrange them in a drawer, and to keep all the pieces to games and puzzles together in the box.  Still others were too exhausted to deal with a defiant child who refused to do as they are told.

Having raised two active boys, worked, volunteered and ran a household, I know about being busy.  My solution was to simplify life in ways that I could control. Here are a few things that worked for us.  First, I limited their time with electronic games and TV.  I limited the amount of activities they could be involved with like boy scouts and youth group; or a sport and a school club.  I limited how many games and toys they could have.  If we couldn’t store it in the playroom, they had to give up something or go without.  It wasn’t hard to give up things because they quickly outgrew play things.  We would sell them at yard sales, pass them along to others or donate them to places where people couldn’t afford small luxuries. We installed shelving in their rooms so they could display items that were special to them like trophies and awards or model airplanes they worked hard on. We also gave each one a pet to teach responsibility for caring for others.

Simplifying your household, controlling your time and activities, teaching young ones to respect their things and also borrowed things are steps you can take to guide your children to be organized. Don’t wait until there is a high level of chaos to begin.  Start today. Guide your kids to be organized by taking one small step at a time to achieve your goals.

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