Organization is Relative

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind.

Folks tell me in casual conversation that they are a disorganized person and there is no help for them.  I respond by telling them that organization is relative.  Then I get a puzzled look.  What I mean by organization being relative is what level of disorganization bothers you.  For my husband,  a few papers lying on a table for more than 24 hours annoy him.  Peace in our household is kept by trying to process the paperwork in a timely fashion. That includes mail, handouts and personal notes.   Several times I talk to people who are perfectly content living amidst clutter.  They take it in stride and don’t have an issue with it.  If it doesn’t create disharmony in the household; if it doesn’t create a safety concern, that is reasonable. Hence, organization is relative to the individual.

Where disorganization comes into play is when it does create havoc in the household or when you are not happy living in that environment or it is a safety hazard.  You feel unmotivated, drained, and even hopeless. You can’t find the energy to do anything about it.  I have heard many times, “I’m useless.  I’m not okay with it but it is just the way it is and it will never change.”  If it really bothers you; if it is does affect your lifestyle; if you are embarrassed to invite friends/family over, then you need to do something about it.

So what are your options?  One, you can tackle the problem yourself.  To do this, you need to keep on task and stay motivated.  For some, this is too much to ask.  Bad habits are hard to break.  Doing the same thing over and over ends with the same results. Your room may stay tidy for a short time but the clutter will creep back in without personal lifestyle changes. Another option is to hire a Professional Organizer like me, for instance.  A Professional Organizer can look objectively at the problem and develop a solution quickly.  But more, they can guide you into making better choices.  They are your accountability partner. And yet another option is a Virtual Organizer.  A Virtual Organizer like me, for instance, can guide you through the process from a distance, virtually.  With the new technology available that is user-friendly, it is a simple, cost-effective way of organizing.  A Virtual Organizer does everything a Professional Organizer does without actually being in the room with you.

To learn more about Virtual Organizing or about services available through Transforming Spaces, click on the Contact page, complete the form and click send.  This could be the first baby step you need to do to discover the organized space you have always desired.

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