Clutter vs Organization

ClutterI am currently working on a project with a woman who has 2 teenage children, is working a fulltime and a parttime job, is very active in her church,  attends her children’s extra-curricular activities and tries  to run a household. I’m exhausted just writing that list.  Life is hectic for her.  Can you relate?

When life is coming at you from different directions and you feel you are losing the battle with your office or residence, your papers or stuff, your worry and anxiety levels increase.  The clutter issues, the messy car, the laundry piles didn’t happen overnight.  It won’t disappear with one afternoon of organizing either.

This person’s home may not be as decluttered as mine but that is not the point of organization.   The point of organization is finding something quickly when you need it.  It’s keeping the space clear of clutter so you can enjoy it and use it for its intended purpose.

Pick your battles.  What bothers you the most with your disorganization? You can choose to tackle the largest project and the others will seem like small potatoes.  Or, you can choose a simpler project that might take a few hours and know you have accomplished something quickly to reach your goal. When you realize you can’t live in chaos any longer and it is affecting your lifestyle, it is time for a change. A change of mindset.  A change of routine. A change for the better.  It is a transformation to a better life for you.


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