The Blessings of Organizing


loveFebruary is sweetheart’s month.  It is a time to tell your loved one how much they mean to you.  You do special things to warm their heart.  I had a client, a husband, who loved his wife so much that it pained him to see her in such despair because their home was overwhelmed with clutter.

His desire was to give his wife a gift of organizing their home. He wanted to support his wife by providing a way for her to get organized.  She had been an organized person in the past but as often happens, life sometimes gives us more than we can keep up with and she fell behind.  She supported him by raising four boys, two with special needs.  She worked part time outside the home to bring in extra income. She did all the daily work of running a household and she was exhausted.

In three days over Spring break, we de-cluttered and organized four areas of their home, the master bedroom, dining room, living room and family room.  Their teenage boy got so into the energy of the work that he voluntarily organized and cleaned his bedroom. When I returned the second day to begin another room, they showed be all they had accomplished after I left the first day.  Smiles were on everyone’s face.  Enthusiasm was in great supply. Joy filled the room. The family dynamics had changed.  Now, their home was a place for family bonding, rest and relaxation.

Another benefit was that less than a year later, they unexpectedly moved.  The house was ready to be put on the market.  They had tackled the big job of de-cluttering.  A buyer could see the walls and the floors.  They could imagine themselves living in the space instead of attempting to look beyond the piles of clothing and toys and boxes.

Give your loved one the gift of organization.  It’s freeing, stress-reducing and truly appreciated.  As the commercial says, “It’s priceless!”

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