organized man's closetFor years I have been educating my clients about REuse, REpurpose, REmove, REcycle, REdistribute and REfuse.  I have referred to it as REsponsible REdistribution keeping useable items out of our landfills and water.  This way of thinking or RE-thinking is now identified as ECO ORGANIZING.  It is a growing trend around the globe. 

Transforming Spaces transforms your space into a room that reflects your lifestyle and your personality.  In the process of organizing, I encourage you to REthink the way you look at an object.  Let’s use a bedroom closet as an example.  We begin sorting through items determining what you will keep and what you will REmove from the closet.  Clothes and shoes are easier because they become worn, outdated, no longer fit.  But what about the 50 -100 wire coat hangers.  They can be REused.  Call a local dry cleaner who will accept them.  Move on to purses, hats and specialty items such as uniforms and costumes.  Donate them to a local community theater company and get a deduction.

REthink the way you look at an item.  Don’t assume it has no value. Old cotton T-shirts make excellent rags. Worn out, stained towels can go to the local humane society.  The REsources are endless.  On the REsource page of Transforming Spaces is a list of websites to REcycle various articles. Check with your local REcycling center to see what they accept.  You will encounter REfuse.  Trash is trash so dispose of it properly.

Finally, when you purchase something, REthink why.  What purpose does it have? Where will you store it? When will you use/wear it? Beware of impulse purchases.  Go shopping with a list and a purpose.  If impulsive shopping is an issue for you, take along an accountability partner to give you sound suggestions and make your experience more enjoyable.

Make a commitment this new year to be more ECO Friendly in your organizing.

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