time managment, organizingWhat is your focus this Christmas season?  There is so much to be done and so little time to do it. To prepare means “to get ready for some activity, purpose or use.” It also can imply “to get you ready for something that is going to happen.”  Another meaning is “to create something that is ready for use.”¹ Timing is everything.

With so much happening, a time table is important.  When are you going to do your baking (if you bake) and how much are you going to bake?  Oh yeah, that means creating a shopping list to make sure the ingredients are in the cupboard. When are you going to finish gift shopping and wrap all the presents?   Did I mention decorating? Many people I know spend Thanksgiving weekend putting up lights and setting up the tree. Others wait until Christmas Eve as a tradition to decorate.Do you need to recruit help?

What have I forgotten?  Festivities, they are very much a part of the season.  If you are having people over, do you need help to organize and clean the rooms? Do you need to update your attire? When you work fulltime, this is all a lot to accomplish. 

Do what you are capable of doing without wearing yourself out where you might miss the joy this time of year.  Make a short list of things you really want to accomplish, attend or create. For me, I do little baking as I am watching my waistline (shrink, hopefully). I attend a few annual local events and I am involved with several faith related events. The key is preparation. 

                                Let every heart prepare HIM room.

1 Merriam Webster Dictionary, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/prepare 

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