Tips For Organizing Maintenance

organizingThis time of year as the sun settles lower in the sky earlier in the day, the sun rays shine on my kitchen cabinets.  This is a reminder for me to do my annual de-cluttering and organizing of my kitchen.  You say annually, Kathy?   Oh yes, I do.  It is one thing to organize a space but another to maintain that organization.  You need a plan to maintain different spaces, be it closet organization, basement organization, garages, home offices, paper management, pantry, playrooms, sheds, etc. Here’s a few tips to help you maintain your organized space.

The fire department encourages us to change out the batteries in our smoke detectors twice a year. They connect it with an event.  You can do the same thing. Connect your organizing and maintenance with an event.  How often you de-clutter and organize depends on how much usage the space gets and what good habits you now use.  Habits like putting things away when you are finished using them.  Reducing what you bring into your home is another good habit.

Last week I sorted through the equivalent of four file folder drawers of paperwork.  It took me less than an hour because I had organized the files in such a way that it takes very little time to clean them out.  I removed files no longer needed and outdated paperwork.  Organizing is freeing and gratifying.  It is a lifestyle that anyone can achieve.

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