Organizing tips for kids

train your kids in organizing

My granddaughter said something priceless to me, “I can play by myself as long as someone helps me.”  She enjoys reading, writing, playing cards, video and board games, and doing crafts. Hence, clutter can accumulate. Here’s some organizing tips for  kids.

A verse in the bible states, “Train up a child in the way s/he should go and when s/he is old s/he will not turn from it.”  This nugget of wisdom in Proverbs is usually associated with a child’s character development and strengths.  Let’s look at this saying from an organizing perspective. What examples are you setting in how you take care of your possessions?  Are your expectations too low in what you feel your child(ren) can accomplish? Organizing is a trait that is stronger in some than in others.   It can be encouraged, taught, developed and reinforced positively.  Of course, don’t expect a three year old to be arranging his or her stuffed animals in alphabetical order; but they can be contained.  Their bedroom floor or playroom should not look like a mine field.  Use colorful containers.  Have access to storage areas in easy reach to hold items.  Personalize storage units with initials or name in their favorite color.  Make it theirs so they feel they own it and will take care of their toys, books, electronic games, etc.  Train your kids and teens to respect what they have and what others have.  Train them, too, of letting go when something is no longer age-appropriate.  Let them learn to bless someone else with something that has brought them joy and comfort.  These lessons will last a lifetime.

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