Developing a Productive Lifestyle

June is Productivity Month.                                                             

 It helps to be organized in order to have a productive lifestyle. I believe we are all wired with the desire to be productive and contribute to our family, church and society in general. If you have a morning routine, you can get out the door to be at school or work on time.  By using efficient systems, you can easily find what you need when you need it.  A daily planner helps you keep track of your appointments and deadlines.  The tool I use the most is a list.  Try as I might, I can’t keep it all in my head.  The list keeps me focused on what I need to accomplish that day.  Take this blog, for instance.  I scheduled time in my day on a specific day to write this blog.  I put it on my list as a priority.  I also had several phone calls to make and included the contacts on my list.  I refer to my list throughout the day as a reminder of what I still need to get done.

There are days that go haywire and nothing gets done on the list.  To me, that means something more important in my life needs my attention.  Tomorrow is another day to tackle my list.  If need be, I can delegate a chore or assignment, or ask to reschedule.  People are very understanding and helpful.  The point here is I didn’t deliberately procrastinate.

 If you take away one thing from this blog, the key to a successful list is to keep it manageable.  Jot down six important things to do; anymore than that and you will get overwhelmed.  Also, exclude what you do as a daily routine like walk the dog or watch your favorite TV show.  

Some may think this stressful.  Actually, it has the opposite effect.  Because I am getting through my list, I know I am getting my work done and am motivated to continue.  I confess I get satisfaction from crossing off items on the list. This is a pro-active system that leaves me time for myself and my family.


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