When you live and/or work in a place that’s warm, inviting and supportive… when your home and/or office is organized… life gets a whole lot easier!

“Home” means many things to us. It’s a warm, inviting place where we can relax and enjoy the company of family and friends; a place that nourishes the spirit and inspires contentment; an environment that supports us in achieving all the little day-to-day tasks we have to do; an efficient launching pad for life’s daily adventures. Home is a place filled with fun, work, love, laughter and memories.  Your home should be all those things.  It’s not nearly as hard to achieve as you thought. You may be thinking right now —

That all sounds very well and good,
but they haven’t seen anything like my house.”

Yes I have… kid’s rooms so filled with piles that the kids didn’t sleep there; dysfunctional closets and storage spaces that are hard to reach and hard to use; and 60 years’ worth of accumulated belongings.  I’ve waded through waist-deep, musty  piles in basements. I’ve sorted through mountains of mail and loads of clothing; hundreds and hundreds of dusty, musty books; and thousands of toys and assorted toy pieces.

And I fixed it!
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For many of us, the blessing of abundance has become the curse of clutter. It probably didn’t happen all at once, but over the years it crept up on you, until one day you realize it’s just not working very well. And you know, no matter how big or small your challenge is, it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s not who you are. You may be feeling overwhelmed, but once you get started, you’ll feel a huge burden slide off your shoulders. That feeling of oppression you didn’t even know you had will suddenly dissipate.

Once you experience the freedom of letting go of items you no longer need or enjoy, and embrace the joy of creating beauty in your surroundings, you’ll discover a peace and contentment you didn’t think was possible for you right now. When the spaces in your home are both purposeful and beautiful, your quality of life improves.  The amount of stress in your life will shrink dramatically.

It’s very simple. 

I begin by looking at the way you really live,  listen to what you want, and create the environment to support it. Then I help you organize and redesign any area: living room, family room, play room, closets, pantry, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, garage, basement, shed and home office. You set the pace. You can hire me for just a couple of hours or for longer periods of time.

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